Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kentucky in the SEC Tournament

Kentucky received a 2-round bye in the SEC tournament and will face the winner of Arkansas versus Vanderbilt, two teams that they are favored to beat.  They play the winner on Friday at 7:30 on the SEC Network and ESPN3.  Follow our facebook page to find out where we're watching Kentucky in the SEC Tournament in Miami.  See you Friday!

If you can't make the game or watch it on TV, you can hear the live broadcast here.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kentucky vs. Maryland Watch Party in Miami

Hey Kentucky fans, we'll be watching Kentucky take on Maryland for the first game of the season this Friday night, November 9, 2012 at Ale House in Coral Gables. We thought Coral Gables would be a pretty central location for people in Miami to watch the game, and Ale House is a pretty good sports bar to watch Kentucky. The manager said he will put the sound of the game on for us on the Patio. Let's get there a little early and get a couple of good tables.

Please RSVP here so I know how many to expect. Don't forget to join our facebook page here!

Here is the address for Ale House in Coral Gables:
Miller's Ale House
101 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 444-3600

FYI, Our friends a little farther north (about 45 miles N of Miami) will be watching the Cats at Duffy's in Deerfield Beach. If you're heading North, RSVP here. We'll be getting together a lot with these guys on weekends and stuff.

Duffy's Deerfield Beach
401 N Federal Hwy
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are Kentucky Fans True or Fair-Weather Fans?

This was written by a friend of mine who is a Michigan fan.  He's of the opinion that Kentucky fans are more likely to be "true" and, thus, less fair weather than UM fans because of their situations.  Give it a read:

All summer long, all I could think about was Michigan’s opening game against Alabama at Texas Stadium.  My team upsetting the #1 team in the nation, it was going to be spectacular.  But when that night finally ended about a month ago, all I could think about was how much Michigan sucked and how disappointed I was in their performance against the best team in the land.  The following two weeks, I followed Michigan, but with much less intensity when they beat paltry Air Force and UMass.  Call me fair weather if you want, but once a team loses in college football, it takes a week or two for me to regain that winning type attitude.  Should fans like myself be shunned by “true” sports fans, or should we be allowed to express shame when our beloved teams are struggling?

What fan in their right mind, whether fair-weather or not, wants to cheer for a loser?  Nobody wishes for failure or defeat.  It is a fact of competition that one team will win and one will lose.  The losing team’s fan will leave disappointed, some more than others.  A true fan will continue to cheer and have faith in their team even if they are destined to fall short on their next competition. 

Many of my friends are Kentucky fans.  During football season, Kentucky fans who have to put up with mediocrity at best.  Fans of Kentucky football have to accept moral victories as positives, not necessarily wins.  Take for instance, last year, when Kentucky beat Tennessee in their final game of the season.  Kentucky was already ineligible to qualify for a bowl, but beating the Vols that day ended their twenty-six game losing streak and made their season.  It also caused the Vols to become bowl ineligibible, an added bonus for UK fans. 

In previous years when those two teams played, I witnessed Kentucky fans root for their team, but only leave in defeat and most of the time end their season with a losing record.  I could only think that these people were crazy for wanting to cheer for a losing team.  Maybe these are “true” fans, or maybe it’s just easier for consistently mediocre teams to not seem fair weather.  I mean, after all it’s hard to be “fair weather” when it’s always raining.  I guess we’ll have to wait for UK to be ranked in the top 10 to see if more fans come out of the woodwork.  Since we’re not talking about basketball, we may have to wait for a while. 

Fair-weather fans like myself can’t stand to root for a loser.  Growing up a Detroit sports fan, the Lions have forever–until last seaso–been the ultimate loser.  A winless season a few years ago topped off a string of consecutive losing seasons.  After they started 0-3 I really had no reason to cheer for them or even care that they even existed.  A fan deserves to see success from their team and when it doesn’t happen, all that we can look forward to is next year.  It’s the only thing that keeps fair-weather fans like myself continually coming back for more action.  I’ve been lucky enough to hear “next year” when it comes to the Detroit Tigers for eighteen straight years, between 1988-2005. Eighteen straight post-seasonless years of mostly below .500 baseball.  I must admit though, the wait was much worth it come 2006 when they made their run to the World Series.  I can only imagine what Cubs fans feel. 

By: Craig Emmert

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kentucky Wildcat Sports Bars in Miami

With basketball and football season coming up, we need to settle on a good sports bar to meet and watch the Cats here in Miami.  We're working on that, but it really helps with our "pull" if we can inform the bars that we have a lot of members.  That way we can assure the UK games will be on the bar's best TV's, etc.  So, if you're a UK fan and live in Miami or South Florida, join our facebook page to keep up with where we'll be watching the games. 

Also, check out to locate the Kentucky Wildcat Bars in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and all across the nation. 


Facebook Page for Kentucky Fans in Miami!/pages/Kentucky-Fans-in-Miami/426286457413826
Follow Kentucky Fans in Miami on Facebook

Hey guys, with football season just around the corner, check out and follow our Kentucky Fans in Miami Facebook page here. That way, it will be much easier for you to keep up with the local watch parties. We also have the benefit of tagging and uploading photos, etc. The page is open to all UK fans in South Florida, not just Miami.

Join our facebook page!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kentucky vs. Kansas National Championship COMBINED Watch Party at Duffy's in Ft. Lauderdale - Get there early

Ok, here's the deal, apparently Duffy's was an awesome location for the Louisville watch party, so we're going to combine the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale locations and have one big blowout at Duffy's in Ft. Lauderdale! We have about 10+ Miami fans that I know about coming up, and about 30+ Ft. Lauderdale Cats, so we should be about 40 deep in there! Here's the catch, however. The manager at Duffy's said it will start getting packed after 8:00 so we have to get there super early. I'm talking 7:30 and earlier, if possible. They have a sports theater area with Twelve "20 foot screens." Never been there, but I hear its awesome. The game tips off at 9:23, but don't plan on getting a seat if you get there that late. Ask to sit in the "sports theater" or just go toward the blue.

I just spoke to the manager (Mark) and he told me that they would leave the sound on for "One Shining Moment" after the game IF the Cats win. He said, "what do we do if the Cats lose?" Me: "It won't matter because everyone will probably just go home and kill themselves...." Haha. If you haven't seen One Shining Moment, I may have to revoke your fan card. Do yourself a favor and take 3 minutes to get your fan card back and watch it here.

In sum, EVERYONE (Miami & Lauderdale) is meeting at Duffy's in Ft. Lauderdale; get there before 8:00; try to sit in the "Sports Theater Area" (they couldn't hold 40 seats). Game tips off at 9:23. Go Cats!!

Duffy's Sports Grill
1804 Harbor Shops Road
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

Kentucky vs. Kansas National Championship Watch Party - Location TBA

The Cats are back in the National Championship game for the first time since winning it in '98. It's time to finish this great season off right. Let's all meet up and watch it somewhere.

Most of the Miami UK club was out of town on Saturday, so the watch party was lacking a bit (sorry guys). There was a great turnout at the watch party in Ft. Lauderdale at Duffy's though, and everyone said the staff was really accomodating. We may just combine the watch parties and have everyone meet up there and turn that place blue!

I'll keep you posted on where we decide to meet. Right now we're leaning toward Duffy's in Fort Lauderdale, but check back here later tonight and tomorrow morning to make sure.