Monday, August 15, 2011

I hear they are launching at the end of August. As stated below, the website will allow Kentucky fans to locate where other Kentucky fans are watching the Cats. No more drinking beer alone in your basement and attempting to high-five your non-existent buddies after every Terrence Jones dunk. Nope, for those of you out of staters this site is going to be awesome. You can high-five real people who actually bleed blue like you. Here's the link: Not up yet, but should be before football season. You'll also be able to add your favorite bar in attempt to get more of your team's fans to show up there. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blount County Tennessee License Plates in Miami

Ok, this is way off topic, but can anyone please explain to me why there are so many Blount County, Tennessee license plates in Miami and South Florida? At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now it's just too much. Blount County has only 121,000 people, yet 99.9% of the TN plates I see here are Blount. I literally see 5 a day, all of which a Blount. Different cars too.

Does Blount County have a monopoly on license plates in the state? As Kentucky fans, I know we all say that people in TN are ignorant, but they do know what county they live in right? (Ok, that last sentence was a little harsh, but seriously, something is going on here.) If you have any insight on this topic, please fill me in. Educated guesses are welcome. Hell, at this point, wild guesses are welcome. If you live in the SoFlo area--which you probably do since you're on this site--then take a look at the TN plates you see and prepare to have your mind blown.

Update: From the amount of evidence we have, it's fairly clear that the vast majority of the Blounty County, TN vehicles are rental cars. Generally GM vehicles and a lot of sources indicate that they are from the Orlando airport. Now, the next logical question is "WHY do the rental vehicles all have Blount County tags?"