Friday, March 30, 2012

Kentucky vs. Louisville - Final Four!!

What are the chances? Cats vs. Cards in the Final Four, are you kidding me? Let's plan to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings in Sunset tomorrow for the game. I may be in Daytona checking out the Kentucky Party up there, but that won't stop everyone else from showing up!

I've spoken with Justin the manager at BWW and he (reluctantly) guaranteed they'd have the sound on. "Well, I guess if there's no Heat or Hurricanes game at that time, we could put the sound on." It's the Final Four dude, come on! These Miamians just don't have their priorities straight sometimes. I swear, we should start a real sports bar here and just run all the others out of town.... but I digress.

So, Cats fans will be gathering at Buffalo Wild Wings at Sunset for a 6:09 tip-off against those dirty red-birds. I hope to see you there!

Buffalo Wild Wings
5701 Sunset Drive, Suite B-13A
South Miami, FL 33143