Monday, April 4, 2011

Great Season

Well, the Cats lost to UConn by one and won't have a chance to win their eighth national title. No doubt, the Kentucky Fans in Miami were bummed on Saturday night and are experiencing a figurative Final Four hangover. But, in looking at the big picture, the Cats had a great year overall. At the beginning of the season--or even midway through the SEC regular season after losing at Georgia, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Arkansas--if someone told me that UK would go on to reach the final four, I would've been ecstatic. It was nice to see the Cats do something they haven't done since winning the title in 1998.

I hope to see you come football season where we'll be ramping up the website and discussing where we'll be meeting in Miami and South Florida for all of the games.

In unrelated news, congrats to Dialed In for winning the Florida Derby and helping at least one Kentucky fan get over the NCAA blues. Look for Dialed In to be one of the favorites in the upcoming Kentucky Derby in May.